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Domaine du Bosc

      On the side of a small hill of volcanic origin, a cousin of the Agde volcano, the Bosc area stands out among the thousands of vineyards spread along the sunny Languedoc coastline.


    Near the Mediterranean Sea, in Vias, the vineyard covers an area of 90 hectares. One million years ago, the area was covered by the sea and subject to underwater volcanic eruptions. It was from this period that this soil was born, composed of cinerites, rock resulting from the agglomeration under the action of water from the ashes of these eruptions, and marine sediments.


The many grape varieties grown on this unique terroir au monde find there a rich original expression which has made the reputation of the Domaine du Bosc.

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Domain of the Pourthié 

      Here in Agde, the vineyards are the oldest in France. The first establishment of the vine there is estimated at 2500 years ago, around a Greek counter named Agathe Tyche on which the current city was built.

      It is therefore on a thousand-year-old heritage that this 50-hectare vineyard was established, very close to the Hérault river . On a ridge formed during the Ice Age, the clay-limestone soil  dotted with gravel, which restores the heat accumulated during the day at nightfall, is ideal for cultivation of the vine.


The warmth of the Languedoc climate and the fresh air brought by the sea, associés  to this magnificent terroir allow a harmonious development of the vines of the Domaine des Pourthié.

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